From the makers themselves

Plastic bottles and packaging do not have many secrets left. Of course, after more than 40 years in the field. We have our own production, make continuous improvements, innovations, we listen to feedback from customers, we use new materials and techniques. We go back to the drawing board if needed; developing a new, not yet existing mould which matches a customer's special requirements... that and more represents our strength.

What does this mean?

It means: we are always close to the source of knowledge; we have a lot of insight into the practice. Our sales people do not just deal with forwarding orders by telephone, they can also be found on the production floor regularly mingling with our engineers who make good and beautiful bottles. We do not just deliver but we guide a bottle throughout the entire process: from design to successful prototype from our own factory made with our own mould.

Who is this for?

Producers/bottlers of A-brands and private labels. Everywhere where plastic bottles are needed; if we are dealing with weight, quality, hygiene and an attractive design. For cosmetics, food supplies, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, medicines and chemical industry. An adequate packaging for each and every purpose.

Materials and techniques

The possibilities are almost infinite. Depending on the content and use we check for which machine a certain mould would be the most suitable. The processes: extrusion blow molding, injection reverse-blowing and injection molding. The materials are all contemporary synthetics; ranging from HDPE/PP to PETE and from PETG to PVC.

Small scale and mass production

Small and medium large sized series of bottles we produce ourselves: flexible, custom made, which can always be readjusted. The larger orders, often with their own standard moulds are outsourced. Only to companies which have been our preferred and steady partners in mass production for many years. Well proven. The planning is and remains our duty as well as the responsibility to provide a good end result. We would not want it any other way; this 'hybrid' approach.

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