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Sauce PE


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The Sauce is a traditional and timeless plastic bottle series. The cylindrical bottles have a large label surface and due to their slim design and possible addition of LDPE, they are very squeezable. The Sauce has the standard 38.400 neck finsih, on which various closures (suitable for food) will fit. This makes the Sauce very suitable for sauces, dressings and other types of toppings.

MOQ 10.000 pcs. white, natural, red and yellow. Others upon request

Technical specifications

neckfinish material h x w x d information
38.400 PE 180,0 x 56,0 x 56,0
38.400 PE 200,0 x 63,0 x 63,0
38.400 PE 234,0 x 73,0 x 73,0

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