About HD Packaging

Family company

hd packaging, a well known name for more than 40 years in the field of plastic bottles, packaging, closures and smart dosage systems. Started early on when the advantages of plastic bottles and packaging became clearly obvious for the first time: in the early 70's. A Dutch family company - hd stands for Hoogduin, a combination of De Hoogh and Verduin - which had a lot of expertise in the glass industry made the conscious decision to shift towards the new possibilities offered for the future: plastic material.

Sister companies

By now - a lot of research and investments later - hd packaging is the headquarters of a small group of sister companies which complement each other perfectly and- which is very important for your customers and end users- which improve each other. It is all about plastic bottles. The fact that one can take this in multiple directions is certainly obvious to our growing client portfolio.

Plastic bottles, produced in small and very large quantities, produced with in-house made moulds, always characterized by good quality at a market price.
Plasticbottles.co.uk: for those who wish to order from stock (starting from minimum 25 pieces), via an ultra-modern distribution centre in Zuidbroek, Groningen.
ISB Packaging: our very own factory where we produce small and medium sized series of bottles with flexibility and, if needed, custom specifications.

In our opinion the plastic bottles is the max, no matter what the content may be: drinks, food supplies, cosmetics, medicine, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, personal care products, liquids for the chemical industry, you name it...these will all be safely packed in a light and beautiful packaging.

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